(V. cristata x V. curvifolia)

Vanda Rumrill (V. cristata x V. curvifolia) is a hybridizer’s dream because it takes the best attributes of both parents. V. cristata gives the plant a bit of cold tolerance and V. curvifolia imparts a tremendous red-orange color. Plants will be small to medium sized and will keikei over the years to make bushier plants with numerous flower spikes. The flower spikes are relatively short and hold about 10 flowers of 1.25 in. in size. BS plants offered are growing in 4 in. pots.


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Vanda Rumrill


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Culture Information

  • Season: Spr-Sum
  • Plant Size: Small-medium
  • Flower Size: 1.25 in.
  • Temperature: Int-Warm
  • Light: Bright diffused; 2000-3000 f.c.
  • Water: Daily; Allow roots to dry between watering
  • Media: Best in baskets; Use well drained media or bare-root
  • Fragrance: Light