This new/unregistered hybrid will produce hardy semi-alba 4-5 in. flowers.  Rlc. Volcano Star parent will impart a rounder form.  The Lc. Higher Ground is a L. anceps hybrid, which will impart cold and heat tolerance.  We expect 3-4 semi-alba flowers well held above the foliage on an intermediate length spike.  Seedling plants offered are growing in 2.5 in. pots.


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Rlc. Volcano Star x Lc. Higher Ground ‘Hacknaeu’ AM/AOS


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Culture Information

  • Season: Win-Spr
  • Plant Size: ~12-16 in.
  • Flower Size: 4-5 in.
  • Temperature: Int-Warm
  • Light: Bright diffused; 2000-2500 f.c.
  • Water: Allow drying between watering
  • Rest: Slight rest during winter; resume feed and water with new growth
  • Media: Use well drained media, if potted.
    Fragrance Maybe