This new hybrid uses two parents with peloric/splash petaled parents.  We expect lavender-pink flowers with peloric flares.  Three to five 4.5 in flowers held well above the foliage.  Seedling plants offered are growing in 2.5 in. pots.


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Lc. Miss Wonderful x C. harrisoniana peloric


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Culture Information

  • Season: Sum – Spr, peaks Fall
  • Plant Size: ~16 in
  • Flower Size: 4.5 in., clustered
  • Temperature: Warm-Hot
  • Light: Bright diffused; 2500-3000 f.c.
  • Water: Allow roots to dry between waterings
  • Rest: Slight drying in winter
  • Media: Plants will do best in baskets/net pots; use well drained media
  • Fragrance: Maybe